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High quality, for the masses. This is our goal here at Aotto, and we inch closer to that goal everyday. Our mission is to serve the people and be a part of the e-transportation movement. We achieve that through controlling every aspect of our production line, from research to design, building and testing, we not only ensure we deliver to the world excellent products, but also something the world needed.

Don't let buoyancy restrain you any longer. With the 2020 Water Scooter, the sea bed is the limit. Experience all the ocean has to offer with up to 30m/100ft of diving!

Both the Asiwo Turbo and Asiwo Turbo Pro support single - handed operation, something we
learned from listening to you during our public tests. This new feature gives you the freedom to move around while having another hand free for other activities.

1. Press the on-off button simultaneously on both sides of the wing to enable it.

2. Press twice the right wing button for the next up gear (when you need to speed up)

Press twice the left wing button for the previous gear (when you need to speed down). Adjust the gear according to your needs in fast or low water flow.

take the scooter for a trial, with a depth of 30m/100ft see just how easy it is to touch the floor. Or swim along side the fishes with ease with 3 gears of speed, allowing up to 3.5mph.

With the innovative advancements in chip technology, we’ve managed to ensure extremely low power consumption to not only give you longer usage and standby time, but more powerful thrust too. With two 600W motors, one on both sides, you can expect quick startups and fast journeys.

We’ve also added useful features like a power display on the backside, so you can view while using the scooter, allowing you to plan accordingly. The charger also allows the ability to charge two batteries at once to save time.

Weighing in at only 7.7lbs (3.5kg), you can safely pack and bring the Asiwo Water Scooter to any vacation or trip, with no stress of check in or weight limits. It’s also light enough to carry around beaches and swimming pools without breaking a sweat.

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