Portable Mini Photo Printer

Portable Mini Photo Printer
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- Low noise, fast print speeds
- High print quality
- Can print high quality pictures
- Compact and lightweight, attractive appearance
- Reasonable structure, easy to install paper, easy maintenance
- Can support Mobile phone wireless printing, printing and support more cell phone connecting a printer
- Support of different densities bitmap graphics printing machine download
- Low power consumption, low running costs, no ribbons, ink cartridges
- WiFi connectivity: Long distance control, mobile WiFi printing With thermal print head Supports wireless remote print, convenient to use
- A good helper for remarking, recording and passing messages Powered by USB Specifications

Use Scope:
- Black and white photo printing, restore ancient ways photos
- Print cartoon, little story
- Print memos
- Print the meeting record
- Print notes
- Printed record of life
- Printing businesses coupons
- Print the barcode
- Print bills


About Cloud Print Mode:
● Step 1: connecting with the power, then the printer will show green light
● Step 2: open the WiFi of your mobile phone
● Step 3: scanning the QR code ( on the bottom of this manual ) to download the App, then create a new account
● Step 4: checking the switch on the bottom whether has cloud icon like
● Step 5: follow the App prompts, double click the keypad and scanning the QR code to bind the new equipment
● Step 6: follow the App prompts, press the keypad 6 seconds to configure WiFi
About Local Mode:
● Step 1: turn off the bottom switch of MEMOBIRD Printer, make sure there is no cloud icon shown on the device
● Step 2: follow the prompts of the paper note, then connect with the WiFi of this printer
Key Functions and Light Effects:
● Double click the key: printing diagnostic report
● Press the key about 6 seconds: configuring WiFi
● Bottom switch: converting cloud mode or local mode
● Orange light: important information ( press the key to resume )
● Red light: overheating or out of paper
● Blue light: local mode
● Green light ( constant ): normal working state
● Green light ( shining ): printing mode / network connecting
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